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I have begun working on a project with Ebyan Alvarez-Buylla (Nolithius) called Legends of Aesthir.  It is an online turn base card game.  I’m primarily working on infrastructure design and back-end database development.  I have only been working on the project a short time, but it is fun to work on and I can really see some good potential in the finished product.


Link to Nolithius: Legends of Aesthir Official site


I will update the progress here as I have new updates.

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  1. lordtakuban says:

    I just finished changing the database back end to be more object oriented and will begin on objectifying the model for the other elements soon.

    It was a lot of code, but the result is worth it. It will be much easier to implement new features for the game on the front end once there is a solid foundation that can be reused.

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