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Published in December 2003, “One Must Fall: Battlegrounds” was the second offering from Diversions Entertainment in the OMF series following the successful shareware game, “One Must Fall 2097”.  I was involved with many aspects of the game including:  Concept Development, Programming, 3D modeling, Motion Capture, Animation


My involvement with the development occurred during the late 90’s to 2000 when the videogame scene was evolving into 3D at a very rapid pace.  Today, the actual visuals of the blockbuster titles have nearly approached the point of diminishing returns.  So when OMF:BG was being developed, it was very hard to create the game that would be good and playable on future hardware while still using the current crop of video cards.  Ultimately, the game came out with some slightly behind the curve graphics and missing some other polish.  The main reason for this was the very small team size.   You can see the full game credits on a few different sites like IMDB or allgame.com to see just how small the team was.


This was a very fun project to work on from many aspects.  Creating the 3D assets as well as building a custom 8-camera Motion Capture studio.  We were able to innovate in many areas in order to compete with the big guys.   3D Studio Max was used for the 3D development.  I wrote a plugin for #ds Max 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 that imported .dxf paths from our motion capture data.  This was when motion capture was still being standardized and before a set standard was determined.  We were also using point tracking software (Motion Grabber) that had stopped being supported.  So .dxf was what we were using.  It worked fine with the models once they were rigged and constraints set.  Only some minor smoothing was required to get a nearly complete animation from just the import.


I still maintain the old website’s message board since the domain name for the game and company, omf.com is no longer the property of Diversions Entertainment.  The message board is located now at:



I may try to set up some more info from the original site on here to keep the details of the game for fans of the game and anyone else to still find info about it.


There is a lot more information about the game on GameSpot including video trailers and reviews.


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